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  • UKAN Slide Sheet Holder - Beige

UKAN Slide Sheet Holder - Beige

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UKAN Store - Slide Sheet Holder - Beige

The Ukan Store is designed so you can store your resident/patient's slide sheets in a convenient place. Ukan Store can be installed to the wall or inside a cupboard for convenient access. We recommend that each bed has it's own Ukan Store.

The Ukan Store slide sheet holder helps to address infection control concerns surrounding the storage of slide sheets in that you can quickly and easily wipe it down with hot soapy water between each resident/patient.

Gone are the days of storing slide sheets in inadequate bags or the bottom drawer of a bedside locker. With the Ukan Store you no longer have to bend down or move equipment to reach for that slide sheet. The Ukan Store is installed beside every bed at an easily accessible height.

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